"Nathan's Up"

This is a track from my CD "About Time!"
Trumpet-Kye Palmer
Piano-Theo Saunders
Bass-Greg Swiller
Drums-Bill Wysaske


"Savage Nation"

Another track from my CD "About Time!"



This is an extra track left of my book, "25 Famous Sax Solos" (Hal Leonard Corp.), which features famous pop solos of the past 50 years (see LINKS). It's a how-to-play-it book featuring transcriptions, bios, and tips on how to play these solos exactly like the original record (which we had to re-record)! Some solos include "Tequila", "Respect", "Deacon Blues", "Lily Was Here" and more!
This is a replication of Gato Barbieri's famous "Europa" solo.


"Suite Grooves" Sample DVD

This is a sample of tunes featuring me from the BigFishAudio DVD Loop Sample "Suite Grooves" produced by smooth jazz legend Jeff Carruthers.


"Yakety Yak"

This is another track from "25 Famous Sax Solos", which is the classic solo from 1958's "Yakety Yak".


Warmin' Up

This is a track from my CD Masterclass "How To Play The Blues" for the SAXOPHONE JOURNAL. The track goes through different harmonic forms of the the blues, starting simple moving to advanced. The solo itself is transcribed and available as a PDF in the SOLOS section.


"Anticipate The Spring Breeze"

This is a track from the 1997 CD "Formosa Jazz", where I took Tawainese folk songs and made them into jazz tunes. If you're familiar with the melody, I hope you like the treatment!


"Jackson County Jubilee"

A track and solo from the 1997 North Texas Two O'clock Lab Band CD "A Tribute To Benny Carter", one of the best bands I ever played with!!